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What they're saying:

We first met Matt after being on the verge of giving up on the idea of building a custom home in Kirkwood. Every builder we had interacted with either restricted customizations entirely or nickel and dimed you for every little thing to the point it was prohibitive.

Then along came Matt and FMDB. When we first saw the lot and proposed floor plans we knew it wouldn’t work for our needs, both my wife and I work from home and we’d need two separate and distinct office spaces. When we informed them of this within the hour Matt had sent multiple drawings completely changing the floor plan to accommodate our situation, a fantastic first sign. When we then met Matt in person he was not only extremely personable and knowledgeable but most importantly he was engaged in what we had to say and what we wanted out of a house, he honestly said all the right things.

As we sit now in our beautiful new home and reflect on the process we can tell you that Matt absolutely walked the walk. Day or night when I’d have an idea, thought, question or concern I’d reach out and literally on average he’d reply within a couple minutes. He was patient explaining each process, he never made us feel dumb for asking questions. He never seemed put out for requesting something to be changed or adjusted.  He has a keen eye for details and a huge amount of respect in the craftsmanship and quality he’s stamping his name to...we feel such a tremendous gratitude at, as cheesy as it sounds, now owning our dream house. I will leave it at this, we could not recommend Matt or FMDB enough, they are a top tier developer that are building unique and truly custom beautiful homes in a sea of cookie-cutter cash-grab new builds. Kirkwood is lucky to have them.

Andrew and Anne, Kirkwood MO

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